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Morego 15kw on grid solar power system kit for home in South Africa

In Stock.
Perfect 15KW solar system on grid.
Package includes 56pcs 270W Poly Solar Panels or 56pcs 280w mono solar panel + Solar Inverter + Distributiong Box + Solar Cable + Solar Panel Mounting Brackets.
High-efficiency silicon solar cells ensure high performance of solar modules and create maximum power output. 25-year transferable power output warranty.

  • MG-OG-DT15K

Morego 15kw on grid solar power system kit for home in South Africa

Connecting Diagram

Item Certification Description Quantity Warranty
Solar Panel TUV / IEC / EC Mono 280W 56PCS 20 years
Mono 335W 48PCS
Poly 270W 56PCS
Poly 320W 48PCS
Inverter CGC / CQC
Three Phase 380V,
15KW/ GW15K-DT
1set 5 years
Three Phase
Growatt 15000UE
Distributiong Box CE Lightning Protection/Air switch, 
Fusegear, Knife Switch, 
Automatic Protector(Optional)
1set 5 years
Ounting System CE Slant Roof Bracket/
Cement Ground Bracket/
Soil Ground Bracket
1set 5 years
PV Cable TUV/UL DC port PV1-F 1*4mm² 40m 10 years
AC port YJV- 3*4mm² 50m

01 Solar Panel

Still using 4BB solar panel? No!

Morego Newest 6BB Technology Coming

Morego Newest 6BB solar panel

Full upgrade Morego 6BB solar panel will be your best choice for solar power system 

Power Class 280W 335W 270W 320W
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) 38.1 9.35 38.1 45.8
Short Circuit Current (Isc) 9.27 46.0 9.23 9.15
Max Power Voltage (Vmpp) 31.7 37.9 31.1 37.2
Max Power Current (Impp) 8.84 8.76 8.69 8.61
Efficiency² ≥17.1% ≥17.2% ≥16.5% ≥16.4%
Dimension 1650mm x 991mm x 35mm 1960mm x 991mm x 35mm 1650mm x 991mm x 35mm 1960mm x 991mm x 35mm
Weight 18kg±5% 22.5kg±5% 18kg±5% 22.5kg±5%

02 Solar Inverter

1. Small Size. Light Weight. Ultra-quiet

2. Communication program can be changed flexibly, with WiFi function

3. Certification: CGC. CQC. VDE0126-1-1. VDE-AR-N 4105 CEI0-21 CE G83/2. G59/3 SAA. EN50438 MEA. PEA  

Model Parameter GW5000D-NS Growatt 15000UE
Max.allowed PV Power 19500W 30000W
Max. DC voltage 1000V 1000V
MPPT voltage range 260V~850V 180V-1000V
Starting voltage (V) 250V 250V
Max. DC current (A) 22/22 20A/30A
No. of PV connectors 4 2
Communication USB2.0; WiFi/RS485 (Optional) RS232/RF/WIFI/LAN/GPRS
No. of MPPTs 2(can parallel) 2/2+3
Noise Emision(dB) <45 <55
Weight 39KG 43KG
Dimension(WxHxD) 516*650*203mm 740*570*235mm

03 Distribution Box(Optional). Lightning protection

1. Such distribution box with high safe and stable quality, has been tested several subjects, more than 10 thousand families are using. 
2. Function Introduction: 
With automatic protection function
With lightning protection function
The security of the whole system can be fully guaranteed. 

3. Certification: CE  

Components Parameter Function
Circuit breaker (Air Switch) 16A When the current of the protected circuit exceeds the specified value, the circuit breaker will automatically break off to protect the whole circuit.
Fusegear 16A When the current of the protected circuit exceeds the specified value , fusegear will break off automatically
Surge Protective Device(SPD) Uc:420V Imax:20KA 
In:10KAUp ≤ 1.8KV
Photovoltaic lightning protection device
One Phase self dual over Voltage 
Protection Device
Working Range 220V,50Hz,
Over voltage protection 
Uvo = 270V ± 5V
Under voltage Protection 
Uoe = 170± 5V
When the circuit voltage is higher or lower,it will shut down automatically.
When the voltage reaches standard level,it will recover automatically.
Knife Switch / Automatic/by hand

04 PV Cable

1. Solar photovoltaic dedicate cable, double coat
2. Life expectance 25years under Outdoor enviroment
3. High flame retardant grade, high safety performance

05 Mounting System--- Customization Design

1. The wind capacity of such mounting system can reach (40m/s, 32.5kg/ square meters, level 13), snow load capacity can reach 70kg/square meters. 

2. The whole system has strong safety performance. 
3. Can be customized based on customer's actual situation
4. The mounting system can be designed with best solution based on slope roof, flat ground and soil ground
5. Certification: CE  

1. Pitch Bracket

2. Cement-ground-bracket

3. Earth-ground-bracket


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